Community and Media Relations

Educational Hand Hygiene Campaign

“I do. So should you!” was the tagline of for this successful campaign aimed as raising awareness about the importance of practicing good hand hygiene — both at the hospital and in the community. Goals attained: Generated media coverage about new hospital policies regarding young visitors during flu season; raised awareness about the hospital’s commitment to protecting its employees from the flu.

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Community Health Forums


Part of my job focused on community relations: fostering relationships between the hospitals, physicians and the community, and building trust. One of many community-building programs we launched were community forums that focused on specific health issues, like heart health.

Cardiology Flier

St. Joseph Hospital Time Capsule


During the Northeast Wing construction, crews unexpectedly dug up a time capsule buried when the original St. Joseph Hospital was constructed. To honor the legacy of the Sisters of St. Joseph, I assembled a time capsule to be buried during the grand opening celebrations of the Northeast Wing.

Time Capsule Image